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Internet Access & Computer Usage


To enable you to access e-mails and browse the web at your convenience we have installed a ‘free of charge’ broadband internet service.  This can be accessed in a number of ways:


From your own laptop/pc which you can connect via

One of the bolehillguest security enabled Wi-Fi access points around the site


Directly via a cable to an Ethernet LAN port in the dinning room


A guest PC in the leisure area

Passwords and user ID’s etc can be obtained from reception.

Before using the system there are a few points you need to be aware of:

Service Level

We only offer this service on a ‘reasonable effort’ basis and can not guarantee that all PCs will work with the network nor can we guarantee the level of availability, security or quality.


The internet access we provide is primarily designed to enable our guests to access their e-mails and for general web browsing.  The service is not suitable for gaming, Voice over IP (skype etc), video conferencing, TV broadcast downloads, file-sharing, large file downloads and any other network intensive services. We reserve the right to disconnect any guest from the network where attempts to use these services are causing disruption to the network.  It should be noted that equipment has been installed that ensures that individual capacity is restricted and some of the above services may not work reliably.


We have been informed by our Internet Service Provider (ISP) that they monitor our inbound and outbound traffic and have automatic triggers on most known illegal sites.  This is to protect themselves and us from any legal implications of users downloading illegal copyrighted material and accessing offensive web sites etc. We, therefore, reserve the right to monitor all guest traffic and where necessary disconnect guests from the network.

Confidential Information

Please note that the guest PC (in the leisure area) does not automatically remove locally stored information.  There is, therefore, a risk that sensitive confidential information may be left on the hard disc after a guest has finished. This information could be accessed by other guests in the future.  The Firefox web browser has been installed, as the default web browser, to try and reduce this risk.  However, how well this works is unknown and our recommendation would be not to use the PC for accessing confidential material.

Sending E-mails

Most ISPs will not allow their users to send mail from outside of the ISP's network (unless they have some means of authenticating where the e-mail has come from).  This results in guests being unable to ‘send’ e-mails from their PCs using Outlook etc.  The only alternative to this is to use the service providers Web-mail interface.  For those of you already using this type of e-mail (hotmail, gmail etc) there should not be any problems.


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